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03 Oct 2022

These thermistors are made of NTC ceramic material. The device consists of a chip with two tinned nickel leads. The parts are coated and color band marked. Tape and reel versions available on request.
Accurate over a wide temperature range.
(tolerance on B-value down to 0.5 %).
Good stability over a long life.
Excellent price/performance ratio.
Low heat conductivity through 0.4 mm Ni-leads.
cULus recognized, file E148885 .
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26 Sep 2022

Premo-Flex Flat Flexible Cables (FFC) offer an extensive range of standard products that deliver flexibility and performance with various pitches, cable lengths, thicknesses and formats for use in virtually any industry. Custom solutions provide multiple capabilities that enable designers to maximize PCB space and reduce component cost. Custom products include: FFC Cable Jumpers, Premo-Flex Flat-Flexible Cable Jumpers 0.50mm Pitch Premo-Flex FFC Jumper with Ears, Opposite Side Contacts (Type..
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19 Sep 2022

New technology from Mean Well - NTS-1700 OIS a 1700W highly reliable off-grid true since wave DC-AC Power Inverter. Its Key Features Include: digital design with MCU control ,streamlined control circuitry that quickly responds to environmental changes and improves reliability, high fan with low acoustic noise, 3400W peak power, adjustable AC output voltage and frequency, -25~+70 C wide operating temperature range,complete protection features,and etc. Combined with batteries, The NTS-1700 is sui..
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12 Sep 2022

Schaffner offers the world's broadest selection of EMC/EMI filters and chokes. Standardized and customer-specific solutions – with full engineering support – help to meet international compliance standards and improve the immunity and safety of electrical and electronic equipment.
Excellent EMC filter for lighting applications
Choice between 3 different leakage ratings C00/C11/C16:
-C00: no leakage current, medical applications
-C11: low leakage current, safety applicati..
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29 Aug 2022

The P16 is a revolutionary concept in panel mounted potentiometers. This unique design consists of a knob driving and incorporating a cermet potentiometer. Only the mounting hardware and terminals are situated on the back side of the panel reducing to a minimum the required clearance.
Test according to CECC 41000 or IEC 60393-1
P16 - version for professional and industrial applications (cermet) 1 W at 40 °C
PA16 - version for professional audio applic..
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